The Importance of Gut Health

Hi there friends. One of the most trending topics in the world of holistic health these days is gut health. You may be asking yourselves why this has gotten so much focus lately? Well, there are a few reasons. The rise of chronic disease in recent years has people, including sick patients, doctors AND health researchers, asking more questions about how much we truly know and understand about the human body. These days there are so many instances of patients suffering from various symptoms but with no real diagnosis or treatment recommendations. We have become a culture that is satisfied with treating the symptom through medication rather than trying to identify the root cause and use a more holistic or lifestyle approach to health. New diagnoses, some of which are still not recognized by the Western medical community, like “leaky gut” syndrome for example, are likely affecting more of us than we think. Digestive discomfort, upset stomach, persistent nausea and indigestion, and diarrhea and or constipation are among some of the symptoms that lead modern physicians to stamp a patient with a generic IBS diagnosis and put them on a host of pills for treatment. But so many patients suffering from these issues do not find long-term relief from these medications, and have started to look elsewhere for answers.

One little known fact is that 80% of our immune system lives in our gut. This makes the digestive system literally THE most important factor in maintaining a healthy body. In today’s world, where there are more than 80 diagnosable auto-immune conditions, in which the body’s own immune system literally attacks itself in various ways to produce various symptoms, where cancer incidence is on the rise as never seen before, it makes sense that even Western medical providers have to admit that diet, and gut bacteria in particular, play a role in basically all modern-day diseases. If you look at the way our diets have changed over the past 20 to 30 years, it is no surprise that our digestive systems are not as healthy as they once were. We eat a ton of highly processed convenience foods, people are cooking at home less and eating out more, and even the world of fruits and vegetables has been infiltrated by GMOs and toxic pesticides like Round Up. It is only a matter of time before even Western doctors will be forced to incorporate dietary recommendations in their treatment plans for patients. Diet is no longer just a question of weight loss and appearance. It is now the most crucial factor in preventing AND treating some of the most debilitating diseases in modern times. More to come on gut health - stay tuned!

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