New Years resolutions

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Why I hate New Years Resolutions It happens every. freaking. year. “But this year’s gonna be different. This year I’m SERIOUS. I am MOTIVATED and READY.” Whether the goal is weight loss, increasing exercise or working on other health goals, we inevitably start the year with the best intentions but often followed by the most disappointing outcomes. Friends, setting these larger than life goals is nothing but a recipe for disaster. Think I’m lying? Try this experiment. Walk around the gym on January 1st. Observe the intensely focused, highly driven looks on everyone’s faces as they work up a sweat. Now do the same thing on February 1st. The place is suddenly deserted, with just a few lonely dedicated souls left to keep the dust off those ellipticals. So what happens? Could it be that we all have such pathetically little willpower we can’t even stick with our goals for more than a few weeks? Good news - there’s a better explanation. There is a science to building a new healthy habit. The best way to ensure failure is to make the goal without considering any of the practical implications. Case in point - you say you want to start exercising, plan to join a gym and will work out everyday after work. But you hate gyms, don’t have one anywhere near your office and haven’t worked out in about 4 years. This is NOT the goal for you, pal. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It is crucial to be fully aligned with any new goals, big or small, in all aspects of your life. Can you manage the goal financially? Is it logistically feasible? Are you emotionally prepared to commit to it? If you answered no to any of these questions, you’ve got some reflecting to do. We do not wake up on January 1st magically as a completely new and changed person. In fact, many of us are coming off a month or two of eating and drinking too much, with our physical activity routines going out the window! We are not really in the best shape to start a full overhaul of our lives on January 1st. So take a tiny step towards the bigger goal. Make it manageable, take it easy on yourself but be consistent with the changes you do implement. And remember, if you don’t manage to perfect every little thing on January 1st, chances are you will also wake up on January 2nd and you can try again.

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