Floss One Tooth

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Why is it that we constantly get in our own way when it comes to making healthy changes? Over-thinking, procrastination, and following old patterns of behavior keep us stuck in our rut and prevent us from progressing and thriving. We set huge, impossible goals for ourselves, creating nothing but a lot of pressure and a more likely outcome of failure. When making a goal, break it down into the smallest step POSSIBLE. Best advice I ever got when trying to improve my dental hygiene - Start by flossing ONE tooth. Guess what will happen? You’ll very likely feel ridiculous, and end up flossing them all. Instead of starting big and finishing small, with the goal of working out and eating salad every single day and then burning out by Wednesday, start small and finish big. Start with one salad. One walk after dinner. One glass of water. Don’t start big and finish small and seemingly insignificant... instead, start small and finish big and bold!

If on January 1st you decide you want to be taller, stand on top of a piece of paper. Everyday, add one more sheet of paper to the stack beneath your feet. You may not notice a difference after a few days or even weeks, but by the end of the year, you’ll be a whole new height. Keep all of these words of wisdom in mind as you navigate the slippery slope of New Years resolutions. Stop and ask yourself if the goal you’re making is actually achievable, if it’s something you’re feeling totally excited and amped up about, or if the thought of whatever you’re committing to fills your heart with a sense of apprehension and dread. Getting healthy should not make you miserable. If it does, retract and recalibrate. Build a foundation of health, step by step, with ease and patience.

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