True wellness demands a balance between diet, physical fitness, spirituality, and peace of mind. When you're not feeling well, trying to figure out the right way to get well, especially when traditional Western medicine isn't giving you any answers, can be disheartening and overwhelming, and leave you feeling hopeless.

Navigating the complex landscape of alternative health care options and self-care strategies can be equally daunting. Developing healthy habits isn't easy, but I believe with a holistic approach, with strong encouragement, and with the right resources, your health goals can more easily move from the realm of fantasy to one of possibility.  

I have worked with all sorts of clients in my 6-year career as a health educator with Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, and sharing in the triumph of their successes was invaluable.


This contributed to my decision to become a health coach, to further hone my counseling skills and expand the base of my nutrition knowledge.


As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, formally trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, I have developed an online practice offering guidance, support and accountability to individuals working to make healthy changes in their lives.


During my coaching sessions, I assess clients' current health status and goals, and together we develop a plan to help break large goals down into small, manageable steps. I offer resources like customized dietary protocols, food charts and recipes, guided meditations and daily check-ins with my clients to provide the accountability they need to be successful.


I personalize my recommendations according to their unique needs, as the old "one size fits all" approach doesn't work for most people. My clients work to build healthy routines that, in time, begin to work on auto-pilot as the new habits become automated. If you are someone who knows what to do to optimize their health, but doesn't quite now how to get there, get in touch with me today.